Investing in the Midwest With Carolina Panthers Defensive End Chris Wormley


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Chris Wormley

At 6'5 300 Ibs, tenants don’t want to see Chris chase them down to pay rent.

Episode Description

Carolina Panthers DE Chris Wormley owns 13 rental properties across the Midwest. The University of Michigan alum knows his backyard well and shares how he’s come this far in real estate while still having a successful NFL career. Chris also breaks down the 1031 exchange, allowing investors to defer capital gains while essentially swapping one investment property for another. We’d like to also throw in at 6'5 300 Ibs, tenants don’t want to see Chris chase them down to pay rent.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Chris Wormley To Athletes & Assets!

1:00 - Getting Dressed Up For The Interview!

3:10 - How Chris Got Started In Real Estate

8:15 - Browsing Zillow

11:15 - How Chris Manages 13 Properties

13:40 - Why Investing In Ohio and Ann Arbor, Michigan?

18:20 - A&A Education Time! The 1031 Exchange Explained

22:30 - Will Chris Ever Invest Outside Of The Midwest?

26:40 - Other Teammates That Are Currently Investing

28:15 - Chris' 5 Year Plan For His Portfolio

30:00 - Thanks For Watching! Like & Subscribe!

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