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Athletes & Assets™ is a fun and safe space to learn about business through elite athletes. From venture capital, real estate, tech, broadcasting, fashion, to DJ-ing; we give athletes a platform to teach a business topic as well as allow the audience to understand them on a personal level.

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The Origin Story

I started The Athletes & Assets™ Podcast during the pandemic to pass the time while cooped up in my Houston, TX apartment. I bought a $40 mic on Amazon, hit record on Zoom, and had my friend Galen Robinson come on the podcast to chat about running a fashion company while playing professional basketball in the G-League.

I wanted to know, can my friends who have achieved a certain level of athletic success teach me something about business?

3 years later, I have had athletes from almost every major sports league come on the podcast to chat about different topics from starting a company, to investing in tech startups, to owning properties around the country. I feel as if every episode I get smarter and smarter. It's a cheat code in a way to learn about different principles of business from people who you relate to the most.

Why listen to our podcast

Unique Insights from Athletes:

Athletes offer a unique perspective on the world. The way we tackle obstacles in sports can be directly applied to finance, retail, making music, etc.

Learning shouldn't be boring

The way we're learning is changing. Why not make learning fun, engaging, and built for the 21st century?

Diverse and Engaging Topics

Not everyone likes finance. Not everyone has the talent to thrive in media. We want to have content for all kinds of audience members. There are many ways to make money and carve out a successful career.

Authentic and Relatable Content

There's nothing exaggerated about the athletes who are speaking. We hand select top tier athletes who've demonstrated they are proficient in a specific topic. Why not learn from the folks you've admired watching on TV?

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Athletes, Entrepreneurs, and Investors.

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