Do Athletes need more foresight?


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Foresight is anticipating what might happen in the future.

Episode Description

Foresight is anticipating what might happen in the future. Sometimes athletes could use a little more of this. In this internal episode, we discuss ways Athletes can prepare for the next step in their career, and it doesn’t take much. From setting aside money in a special fund, to following the right Twitter accounts that teach you about Sales and Marketing, even if an athlete trains three times a day, there is still enough free time to develop an alternative skill set for the future. We are not emphasizing having a back up plan, we just want athletes to proactively leverage resources easily available to them.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

1:39- The Kobe example

3:20- We all have the same 24 hours

6:20- Follow better Twitter accounts

7:55- The importance of Google Calendar

9:25- Watch more videos of entrepreneurs!

11:58- Pro Athletes are much further ahead than they think

16:50- What to do after the signing bonus

18:00- Outro

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