Ben Grosse: UCONN Track & Field and General Partner at Hillside Ventures


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Ben Grosse

Ben Grosse is not your normal college senior.

Episode Description

Ben Grosse is not your normal college senior. When he is not running the heptathlon, decathlon, or doing the high jump for UCONN's Men's Track and Field, Ben is investing in startups. Ben founded Hillside Ventures: The first student-run Venture Capital firm at UCONN that looks to write small checks for companies in the insurtech, edtech, and sustainability verticals. A rising talent amongst the investing community, Ben gives tremendous insight into what the team at Hillside is looking to invest in next as it looks to fund the next game-changing company.

At 22, Ben provides a perspective on track, business, and even music that is well beyond his years, and is a must-listen!

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Introduction

2:00- Taking advantage of the NIL era

6:15- The perspective of a track and field athlete

10:30- Ben's goals on the Track/UCONN rejoining the Big East Conference

12:35- Being on the board fo the Werth Entrepreneurship center at UCONN

18:20- How Ben got introduced to Venture Capital

22:30- Running Hillside Ventures

25:54- Investing in Edtech, the Metaverse, and the future of learning

33:18- Investing in Sustainability

37:20- The Big Takeaway Episode 9: Making an impact wherever you are

41:57- Ben's Playlist

47:22- Outro

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