Bradley Klahn explains the crazy wealth disparity in professional tennis


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Bradley Klahn

Bradley Klahn is a top 100 professional tennis player on the ATP Tour.

Episode Description

Bradley Klahn is a top 100 professional tennis player on the ATP Tour. Bradley played collegiate tennis at Stanford University, where he won the 2010 NCAA Singles Championships as a sophomore. His next year as a junior, he was a finalist in the NCAA Doubles Championship. During the pandemic, Bradley made the decision to attend Harvard Business School's crossover into Business program, which allowed Bradley to brush up on business topics amongst other elite athletes in a classroom setting. During our discussion Bradley was nice enough to walk through the post-tennis options he is pondering in addition to his broadcasting endeavors at the Tennis Channel. Will it be tech sales, wealth management, helping Playback to take their game to the next level? As elite as a tennis player as Bradley is, his next move will probably be his best.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro (into the growth of pickleball)

3:56- Studying with famous athletes at Harvard business school

7:17- Tech sales, Wealth Management? What does Bradley do next?

11:35- Breaking down the wealth disparity in Tennis

16:25- How to get paid in individual sports: eat what you kill

18:48- Working with Playback

21:18- Outro

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