How Coffee & Soccer Can Be A Million Dollar Combination w/ Olympian Melissa Ortiz


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Melissa Ortiz

Combining a niche community with product. In this case, early morning soccer fans and coffee!

Episode Description

Former professional soccer player turned now broadcaster and social media influencer Melissa Ortiz is always prepped and ready to go... partially because she has her own coffee company. Melissa is the founder of Kickoff Coffee Co which has combined the soccer community and its love for coffee into a brand that serves this growing niche. We chat about what is takes to run a coffee company and how when building an audience and community, you can also build a product that people want in real time.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Maria To Athletes & Assets

1:30 - The Best City In Columbia

4:00 - Drinking Coffee Before Hitting The Pitch

6:00 - Starting A Coffee Company

9:30 - Creating A Community Around Watching Soccer & Coffee

14:30 - Sourcing The Coffee Beans From Columbia

20:00 - Raising Capital - Will Melissa Be On Shark Tank?!

23:30 - The Merch & Aesthetics Of Kickoff Coffee

27:30 - One Thing That Melissa Wish She Knew Earlier As An Entrepreneur

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