How To Navigate New Business Opportunities With NWSL STAR Maria Sanchez


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Maria Sanchez

Maria spoke about re-investing in the game, how she handles brand deals, her worst purchase, and took Q&A.

Episode Description

In one of her first media appearances since signing one of the largest contracts in NWSL history, Houston Dash Forward Maria Sanchez now deals with more complexity off the pitch. In front of a live audience of students at Rice University, Maria spoke about re-investing in the game, how she handles brand deals, her worst purchase, and took Q&A.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Maria Sanchez! Live From Rice University!

3:00 - Signing The Highest Paid Contract In NWSL History

6:45 - Getting Brand Deals - Maria's Recent Opportunities

10:30 - Avoiding Bad Brand Deals

13:30 - Maria Is In A New Reality TV Show?!

15:30 - Learning About Finance Since Signing The Big Contract

20:00 - Financial Mistakes

22:30 - Growth Of NWSL In The Past Few Years - Big Investors

30:30 - The Future For Maria - Where Does She See Herself In 5 Years - Life After Soccer

32:00 - Audience Q&A

32:30 - Question #1 - Experience Playing In Mexico

34:00 - Question #2 - Knowing Your Worth

35:45 - Question #3 - Best Advice Maria Has Received

37:30 - Question #4 - Staying Optimistic In NWSL While Being Underpaid

38:30 - Question #5 - What Businesses Would Maria Like To Invest In?

40:14 - Question #6 - Travel & Work/Life Balance

43:30 - Question #7 - The Next Big NWSL Contract

45:40 - Question #8 - Noah's Dream Guests

49:00 - Question #9 - Knowledge Learned From CBA Negotiations

50:40 - Thanks Maria & Thank You To Rice University! Like & Subscribe!

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