Monique Billings chats WNBA, being an author, and broadcasting for the PAC-12


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Monique Billings

Monique Billings is a jack of all trades.

Episode Description

Monique Billings is a jack of all trades. The 2018 Atlanta Dream draft pick is now gearing up  for her sixth year in the WNBA while currently playing professionally in Istanbul. And while you can usually find her in the gym, it hasn’t stopped her from publishing her first book, “Finding your Balance” a playbook for wellness designed to help you find balance, reach greatness and excellence according to your own standard.   We chat about what it takes to write a book , as well as the ins and outs of a successful sportscasting career.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

1:27- “Finding your Balance”

3:50- The process of writing the book

7:16- Breaking into sportscasting

11:00- The business of broadcasting

17:20- Best sportscasting memory

18:15- Monique’s Playlist

20:40- Outro

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