Pelicans guard Matt Ryan chats about hedge funds, investing, and what could be next


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Matt Ryan

Pelicans Guard Matt Ryan chats about hedge funds, investing, and what could be next

Episode Description

New Orleans Pelicans shooting guard Matt Ryan is having a breakout season as one of the best 3pt shooters in the NBA. While Matt is fully focused on making a deep run in the playoffs, it doesn’t stop him from thinking about his other love-- Hedgefunds?! Matt would like to start his own hedgefund one day and we chat about what is going to take for him to be the next big fund manager. Disclaimer: Neither Matt or Noah are registered financial advisors and this is not financial advice. Please invest responsibly and consult a financial advisor before making investing related decisions.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Intro - Welcome Matt Ryan To The Show! Like & Subscribe!

1:10 - Matt's Injury - Would've Been In The 3 Point Contest

3:30 - Passion For Hedge Funds

7:30 - Investor Relations Role Is Perfect For Athletes

12:30 - Does Matt Talk Hedge Funds To His Pelicans Teammates?

13:30 - Hedge Fund Structure Explained

19:15 - Robinhood During Lockdown

22:45 - Who Does Matt Admire In The Hedge Fund Space?

25:30 - Best Investing Advice Matt Has Received

27:15 - Matt Is On A Path That No Athlete Has Been On!29:30 - Keeping Investing & Playing Basketball Separate31:50 - Thanks For Joining Matt! Like & Subscribe!

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