Practicing our Sales Pitch with G-League Hooper Eron Gordon


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Eron Gordon

Professional Basketball Player Eron Gordon gives his best Sales Pitch? How did he do?

Episode Description

During All-Star weekend we sat down with Bahamas National Team Guard Eron Gordon. While Eron is still actively playing, he also is pursuing something we didn’t quite expect… tech sales?! We sat down chat about the key to sales, and made him give an impromptu pitch… where do you think he needs to improve?

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Eron Gordon To The Show! Live From NBA All-Star Weekend!

1:15 - 1 on 1 with Eric Gordon - Who's Winning?!

3:00 - Getting Into Tech Sales - Why Did Eron Get Into Sales?

6:30 - Sales Are The Path To The CEO Chair!

9:20 - What Makes A Good Salesman?

12:00 - Eron Is Put To The Test!! Sell Me This Pillow!

17:00 - Dream Companies Eron Would Love To Work For

22:15 - What People Get Wrong About Sales

24:00 - Following Your Own Path - Eron's Basketball Clinics

26:20 - Thanks Eron For Joining The Show!! Like & Subscribe!

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