Rick Vargas went from professional tennis to working at Apple


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Rick Vargas

While Rick Vargas traveled all over the world competing in professional tennis matches,

Episode Description

While Rick Vargas traveled all over the world competing in professional tennis matches, he realized his love of art and design. Fast forward a couple of years later, his love for design would be put to the test going back and forth with then Apple CEO Steve Jobs on the iPod, Apple Store, Genius Bar, and more! We chat about the early days of Apple, Steve Jobs vs. Tim Cook, and how athletes can get foster a creative design career.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Intro

1:18 - A tennis match or Steve Jobs?

5:49 - First time meeting Steve Jobs

9:45 - Apple’s brand

12:09 - Coming up with name for “iPod"

16:18 - Designing the Apple Store

19:54 - Post proud design at Apple

21:21 - Steve Jobs vs Tim Cooke

24:04 - Athletes in creative design

28:39 - Outro

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