These 3 Athletes Started Tech Companies - Will They Succeed??


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Noah Lack

Three athletes, three tech companies, check it out.

Episode Description

Cole Anthony of the Orlando Magic, Robert Burns of the Atlanta Falcons, and Spencer Dinwiddie of the Los Angeles Lakers have the same unique thing in common: They have all founded tech startups. Noah breaks down why they will work, and why they won’t work. Which company do you like the best? Do you think these guys have a shot? Let us know!

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Solo Pod Time! Like & Subscribe!

0:45 - Athletes Who Are Still Playing Have Started Tech Companies - Unreal!

3:15 - Cole Anthony - Founder Of Gameup - Why It Will Succeed, And Why It Will Fail

16:25 - Robert Burns - Founder of DormHub - Why It Will Succeed, And Why It Will Fail

25:25 - Spencer Dinwiddie - Founder of Calaxy - Why It Will Succeed, And Why It Will Fail

33:00 - What Are Your Thoughts?! Let Me Know!

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