Timothy Lam goes from USA Olympian to Accountant?!


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Timothy Lam

Timothy Lam is one of the most accomplished Badminton players in US history.

Episode Description

Timothy Lam is one of the most accomplished Badminton players in US history. The 7x U.S. Junior National Champion, Former #1 Nationally Ranked US Men's Singles Badminton Player, and 2021 US Olympian has the athletic accolades many can only dream of. So where is Timothy now? The answer most likely auditing tech companies. Timothy is now a senior audit associate at KPMG, a top accounting firm in the country. Timothy helps attempt to do the impossible in regards to.... making accounting fun. We chat about Timothy's Olympic experience, how Badminton is faster than Formula 1 race cars, and bring to life the exciting side of accounting.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

2:05- Badminton is faster than F

14:07- Athletic traits of Badminton

5:08- Tokyo Olympics

7:42- From the Olympics to Accounting

10:08- Breaking down the basics of Accounting

16:00- Typical day to day

18:45- The underbelly of big companies

23:56- A special message from Timothy regarding the state of Badminton

25:36- Outro

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