Why NFL WR Marques Colston Is Going ALL IN On Investing


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Marques Colston

Marques Colston is raising $100 million to invest in cash flowing disruptive companies in sports

Episode Description

All-time Saints Wide Receiver Marques Colston is targeting a $100 million raise for his new sports tech fund Champion Venture Partners. CVP has a unique fund structure; they invest in cash flowing companies and their investors have the typical carry + upside you’d see in a traditional venture fund. However, since CVP offers a special operational consulting component to its portfolio companies, they issue profit sharing dividends to their LP base.

That’s a fancy way of saying investors are getting their money back faster because CVP is making money quicker from the companies they are investing in. Marques is onto something here…

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Marques Colston To The Show!

1:00 - Marques' First Investment 14 Years Ago - His Interest In Business

5:30 - Investing While Playing - Before It Was Acceptable In Culture

8:10 - Marques Is Hands On With Everything Investing

12:15 - Mistakes That Athlete Investors Have Made

14:30 - Brand Ambassadors

19:00 - Campion Ventures Partners - $100M Raise! Where Marques Is Investing His Capital

29:50 - Would Marques Invest In A Sports League?

35:45 - Pitch Mistakes That Companies Make

39:30 - Go To Marques If You're Starting THIS Type Of Company...

42:00 - Rating Upcoming Industries In Sports

44:45 - Thanks For Joining Us Marques! See You Next Episode!

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