Artificial Intelligence will change basketball training w/ Professional Basketball Player Matt Mooney


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Matt Mooney

Matt Mooney is bringing a AI-powered training device to gyms across America

Episode Description

Professional basketball player Matt Mooney (Cavaliers, Knicks, Overseas) is in Turkey playing in one of the best leagues in Europe. When he is not on the court, he building the next generation of technology for the game with AthletIQ. Matt and team have leveraged AI to accurate contest shots and collect accurate data on areas such as shooting form, statistics, and more. We chat about AI in hoops, the fundraising journey, and how Matt plans to make AthleIQ the must have device in every basketball gym in America.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Matt Mooney To The Pod! Like & Subscribe!

1:45 - Playing In Turkey - What Turkish Words Does Matt Know??

4:30 - Founding Athletiq - When And Why? A.I. That Improves Basketball Shots!

8:15 - Noah's Hot Take! Is The Shooting Gun Trash??

11:45 - Putting $50k On The Line To Get The Company Started - ALL IN!

16:15 - Equity - Figuring Out Equity And How To Deploy It For New Employees

19:45 - Getting The Prototype Up And Running

23:40 - Data Collection & A.I. Thinking For Itself

26:45 - Using A.I. To Perfect Every Players Shot

30:30 - Advice To Founders Raising Capital

33:15 - Athletiq In 5 Years Will Be In Every Gym Across The Country

35:30 - Thanks For Coming On The Show Matt! Noah vs. Matt 3 Point Contest Coming Soon!

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