Building A Company Off Of March Madness


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Noah Lack

Leveraging the ACP Framework for athlete turned entrepreneurs

Episode Description

March Madness is here! Which means another wave of college athletes who will gain large followings across their social media platforms. A few athletes will leverage the moment to lucratively maximize their NIL, many will try to play professionally, yet most will stop playing basketball a couple of years from now. Long after the hype of March these same athletes will be brave enough to become entrepreneurs, yet will struggle to funnel their most devout followers to the product they create.So the million dollar question is aside from endorsements, how can they leverage the audience they will acquire this March for the next 10+ years, regardless of how their basketball careers pan out?Noah breaks down the path to success with the help of Greg Isenberg's ACP Business Model. Learn how to take that attention and drive it into a devoted community that will be with you for years to come with the product. The best part? You don't need to be an athlete to use this! Anyone looking to build an audience can use this system.

Episode Breakdown

- Solo Pod Time! It's March Madness

1:00 - You May Never Hear About These Athletes After The Tourney - How To Fix That Now!

4:30 - The ACP System - The Blueprint You Need

8:00 - Examples Of Athletes & Assets Alum Using This System To Build A Business

11:30 - Find Your Real Fans Today

13:20 - Thanks For Watching! Like & Subscribe

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