Zion Clark (MMA) and Craig Levinson break down the business of being a global inspiration


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Zion Clark

Zion Clark is a legendary American wrestler, professional mixed martial artist

Episode Description

Zion Clark is a legendary American wrestler, professional mixed martial artist, and wheelchair racer who was born without legs due to a rare disorder called Caudal regression syndrome. Zion has set multiple Guinness world records for his various athletics feats, is an inspirational speaker who’s appeared on Netflix, CNN, Forbes, Ellen, etc. and has done amazing work to uproot the broken foster care system. Alongside my good friend and Zion’s talent manager, Craig Levinson who played basketball for Cal State San Marcos and is now the CEO of CL Talent Agency, we break down the business of Zion and the effort it takes to manage the business of being an international inspiration.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

2:10- process of booking appearances for Zion

6:20- Filtering opportunities, managing distractions

12:00- Public speaking training

13:55- Why Craig and Zion train to the brink

17:00- Craig’s Playlist and Zion’s Playlist

19:30- Outro

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