Cam Van is using AI in training videos to help elite track athletes make money


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Cam Van

Cam Van would have made a great lawyer, as the recent JD thought it was his destiny.

Episode Description

Cam Van would have made a great lawyer, as the recent JD thought it was his destiny. However, now when he is not competing to make the USA Olympic team, he can now be found helping his Olympic peers monetize their teachings. Growing up, Cam saw many high schools and athletic programs across the country simply don't have the quality coaches in individual sports such as track & field to develop the talent hiding in plain sight, like himself. Cam started Couro, which is now an AI-powered platform for athletes, coaches, and trainers to offer their exclusive content, from training videos and insightful breakdowns to 1-on-1s, in exchange for subscriptions. We chat about Olympians struggling to make money, the way Couro is solving these problems, and how AI is being implemented into athletic teaching techniques.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

1:55- Many Olympians are not making money

5:18- Cam becoming a lawyer and the bar exam

9:58- Couro; rapid fire questions

11:50- Helping the starving athlete

16:30- Who are the users?

17:58- Go-to market strategy

19:30- The team members

20:57- How Couro receives feedback

25:58- Cam and Couro in the next five years

27:35- Outro

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