Changing The Future of College Sports Media w/ Adam Breneman


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Adam Breneman

We chat about the content flywheel, the nuances of managing talent, what’s next for The College Sports Co. and more.

Episode Description

Yesterday Noah broke down the power of "The Athlete Flywheel". You can read the 1 min explanation here- https://lnkd.in/dBDFuaq7

Adam Breneman is perfect example of the flywheel in action. Adam is a former All-American Tight End at Penn State University, Broadcaster for CBS Sports + Big Ten Network, Podcast Host, and Co-Founder at Mercury. Adam is looking to bring an athlete driven media approach to the diehard college markets that need it. We chat about the content flywheel, the nuances of managing talent, what’s next for The College Sports Co. and more. Oh yes that's not a typo, we broke the news on Athletes & Assets™ first! Mercury is no longer Mercury, it’s the College Sports Co. 🙌

Our full episode can be found here - https://lnkd.in/d-uU63Pd

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Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Adam Breneman To Athletes & Assets!

3:00 - Forming A Media Team - Finding Editors

8:45 - Podcaster Or Entrepreneur - Why Not Both??

12:20 - Content Flywheel

14:30 - Brand Building Awareness While Playing

17:45 - Co-Founding Mercury - History Of The Company

22:45 - Adam’s BIG Announcement!

25:30 - Staying Alive As A Company

29:30 - Managing Talent - Aligning Incentives

33:00 - Equity & Revenue Share

37:00 - Biggest Lessons Learned From Being A Co-Founder & Operator

41:00 - School’s That Adam Works With43:15  - 5 Year Vision

46:25 - How To Get Will Compton On The Pod

47:30 - Thanks For Joining Adam! Like & Subscribe!

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