Jeff Moore (Jayem) talks Toledo Football, Sila's payment processing tools, and the science of therapy through music


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Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore is a man with eclectic interests. In one of the more fascinating episodes,

Episode Description

Jeff Moore is a man with eclectic interests. In one of the more fascinating episodes, the former Toledo Wide Receiver tells an intriguing story since his time on the field. After college Jeff moved from Michigan to California on a whim to amplify his music career. Up to date Jayem has had collaborations with notable producers such as Jeff Ellis (Frank Ocean) Jorge Hernandez, (G-Eazy, P-Lo), Dimitri McDowell (Chris Brown, Usher) and more. While Jayem is on the pursuit to quickly rise in the music industry, he is also an account executive at Sila, an API described as banking and payments Infrastructure-as-a-Service for startups building the next generation of financial products and services. Jayem’s deep knowledge for crypto and payment processing crosses over with his passion for music and understanding of how musicians can optimize their careers using Web3 tech. Jay also breaks down the science of certain audio patterns in music that have been scientifically proven to assist listeners with certain mental health issues. From start to finish, this episode will surely keep you on your toes!

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

4:55- How Jayem would take advantage of NIL

7:09- Why football players accel in business

11:10- Breaking down Sila

13:00- Sila vs. Stripe

14:20- Jayem: Account Executive

19:12- Web3 and music

22:02- Jayem the artist

25:30- Working with top engineers

29:30- The science of music serving as therapy

33:50- Jayem's playlist

35:03- Outro

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