Chris Eubanks does broadcasting while being one of the best tennis players in the world


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Chris Eubanks

Chris Eubanks is the "Draymond Green" of tennis.

Episode Description

Chris Eubanks is the "Draymond Green" of tennis. What we mean by that is he is one of the top players in the game, yet he is also broadcaster for the tennis channel when he has time. We chat with the former 2x All-American and current #34 ranked player on the ATP about what is takes to be a good broadcaster and how it's actually fueled his partnership deals off the court.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Intro - Welcome Chris Eubanks To The Show!

1:30 - Chris’ Atlanta Falcons Are Terrible! What Should They Do?

3:00 - Chris Takes On Broadcasting - How Does He Balance Both?

7:00 - Why Haven’t More Athletes Done This?

8:45 - Chris’ Tennis Career And Broadcast Career Ascending Together

13:00 - Commenting On Player Performance - How Chris Filters His Thoughts

19:15 - Staying Fresh During The Offseason

21:00 - Traveling - How To Manage The Schedule

22:30 - Chris’ Racket Sponsorship - Behind The Scenes Of The Deal, Payment Structure

25:30 - Noah’s Got An Idea..

27:15 - Other Sponsorships? Glasses?

29:00 - Who Chris Admires For Their Off The Court Endeavors

31:15 - Thanks For Joining Chris!

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