Russ Smith goes from National Champion to Bourbon Entrepeneur


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Russ Smith

Russ Smith had no idea he was going to play professional basketball after not playing his freshman year at Louisville.

Episode Description

Russ Smith had no idea he was going to play professional basketball after not playing his freshman year at Louisville. After winning a national champion, becoming an all American, setting the record for the most points scored in a single game in G-League history, playing professionally all over the world including the NBA, there should be no surprises at this point. It also shouldn’t be a surprise to see the success Russ has had off the court, starting his own Bourbon company, Mr. and Mrs Bourbon. While Russ is currently playing in Italy, keep an eye for his Bourbon to disrupt market across the entire U.S. as well as internationally. We chat about everything from Rick Pitino stories, product, packaging, distribution, and more.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Russ Smith To The Podcast!

2:00 - Russ Is Currently Paying In Italy - Can He Speak Italian??

3:30 - Starting Mr. & Mrs. Bourbon Company - How Louisville Shaped Him

6:45 - Why Bourbon?

9:15  - Rick Pitino's Reaction To Russ' Company - Noah's Funny Rick Pitino Story

13:30 - Describing Some Of The Mr. & Mrs. Bourbon Company Products

14:45 - Taking A Sip! 126 Proof Takes Noah Out!

16:30 - Flavor Profiles In Bourbon

19:45 - Difference Between Whiskey & Bourbon

23:30 - Russ Is Involved In Every Aspect Of The Company

28:00 - Russ Wants To Build A Brand That's Bigger Than Him

30:30 - Labeling, Corks, Aging

40:00 - What Lies Ahead For Mr. & Mrs. Bourbon Company

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