CJ Watson foes from NBA star to Vending Machine Business Owner... and is flourishing


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CJ Watson

CJ Watson was a 10 year NBA vet, who made an impact with the Golden State Warriors,

Episode Description

CJ Watson was a 10 year NBA vet, who made an impact with the Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, Brooklyn Nets, and more. The Las Vegas native leveraged his on court-success to be a jack of all trades off the court. Since retiring,  CJ has become a very successful Angel Investor (Instacart in 2021), an author, as well as a Vending Machine business owner. We chat about the business of children’s books, and dive deep into the strategy when owning Vending Machines, a passive income stream that doesn’t get much coverage. Check out CJ’s work at CJpens.com and healthier4uvending.com to become familiar with a Vending Machine starting point!

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Intro

0:52 - Voiceover acting

2:58 - Children’s books author

7:14- Angel investing

9:44 - Instacart investor

12:13 - Vending machine kingpin

16:20 - Inside the vending machine business

23:53 - Outro (edited)

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