Galen Robinson: NBA prospect and CEO of Substantial Worldwide


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Galen Robinson

Galen Robinson is a pioneer in the sports world

Episode Description

Galen Robinson is a pioneer in the sports world as he is not only a legitimate NBA prospect but is also becoming a recognizable fashion mogul, overseeing Substantial Worldwide's surging growth and popularity in the Fashion Industry.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Introduction

1:45- G's High School Experience/Memories

8:00- Committing to the University of Houston (U of H)

9:00- Getting Acclimated to U of H

11:15- The "For the City" Movement

12:35- The March Madness Experience (NCAA Tournament)

15:58- The emergence of Substantial Worldwide

20:00- Balancing basketball and running Substantial

26:50- G's professional career up to date

29:00- The business of Substantial and the retail industry

37:14- The Big Takeaway-Episode 1

39:03- G's Playlist

40:30- Conclusion

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