Giorgio Di Bonaventura chats Italian basketball, bachelorette, and throwing the best parties


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Giorgio Di Bonaventura

Giorgio Di Bonaventura, (DiBo) is one of the most interesting athletes you've never heard of.

Episode Description

Giorgio Di Bonaventura, (DiBo) is one of the most interesting athletes you've never heard of. The Italian guard plays for Luis basketball club in Rome, and is a member of Italy's 3x3 national basketball team. While DiBo became one of Italy's top players in his class, he knew there was more life outside the court. He took a risk, landed as a contestant on Uomini e Donne (Italian bachelorette), and quickly became a crowd favorite. The world of outside opportunity he hoped for overwhelmingly arrived and leveraged the momentum he had to start one of Italy's premier event hosting companies, icarus (https://icarus.events/). DiBo chats about the passion of Italian basketball, how TV set him for professional success, and the technicalities of creating a party where everyone has a good time.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

1:58- Basketball in Italy

3:45- Growing up and playing with the same teammates

6:24- Joining uomini e donne while playing professionally

9:12- Exploring a whole world outside of basketball

11:22- Starting icarus and getting into event hosting

14:19- The keys to throwing a great party

16:03- What worries an event host the most?

19:01- Giorgio's workflow: Using an example

21:44- To spend or to enjoy?

24:11- The future of icarus

26:00- Outro

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