How Joe Montana Became One Of The Greatest Venture Capitalists


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Joe Montana

Joe chats about his coming of age in venture capital and shares stories of his time in the industry

Episode Description

It’s the 100th episode all time for Athletes & Assets™ and we brought in someone special to celebrate…

Joe Montana has 4 Time Super Bowls, 2 NFL Regular Season MVPs and is one of the greatest Quarterbacks of all time. We don’t think we said anything new here but what you may know be aware of is that for the past two decades, Joe has solidified himself as one of the best Venture Capitalists on the planet. Joe runs Liquid2 Ventures, a venture capital firm with approximately 34 companies across their portfolio worth $1 Billion or more. Something that is almost unheard of. Joe chats about his coming of age in venture capital, shares stories of the successful and unsuccessful investments, and reveals some harsh realities of the industry that investors and entrepreneurs do not want to miss.

Episode Breakdown

- Welcome Joe Montana To Athletes & Assets!

1:00 - Hall Of Fame Speech - He Was Just Getting Started!

3:30 - The First Venture Firm

10:30 - Did Joe Invest While Playing Football? - Bringing NFL Prep To Venture

15:20 - 22 Unicorns In The First Fund!

16:20 - Joe's Role In Liquid2 When Getting Pitched

18:30 - The Best VC Method Is To Start A Company!

21:30 - Did Founders Even Know Who Joe Montana Was?

27:45 - Gitlab

30:15 - Hiring His Kids & Having Success

34:20 - Branding Being Sports Tech

36:30 - Joe's Investment Failures - Peloton, Mirror

39:20 - Has Anything Been As Tough As Joe's Hypothermia Game?

42:45 - Joe's Investment Legacy

43:30 - Thank To Joe Montana For Joining The Show! Rate & Review!

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