NFL Linebacker by day, creative agency CEO by night?! Meet Brennan Scarlett


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Brennan Scarlett

Brennan "B Scar" Scarlett is gearing up for year 9 in the NFL.

Episode Description

Brennan "B Scar" Scarlett is gearing up for year 9 in the NFL. B Scar is a linebacker and special teams specialist who's made plays for the Houston Texas and Miami Dolphins. However, one of his biggest plays he's made may be naming himself the CEO of Scarlett Creative, a creative agency specializing working with athletes and companies with branding, production, storytelling, and more. We chat about staying ready for training camp and the Scarlett Creative process. Additionally, B Scar gives Athletes & Assets a free consultation on our creative direction, with a couple of side quests sprinkled in between.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

2:36- Brennan's ready to make an impact this year

4:42- Brennan's story and Scarlett Creative

10:13- Scarlett Creative's clients

12:00- Services offered

15:30- Revenue Streams

16:42- B Scar gives a free consultation

27:43- Outro

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