A16z Gaming Partner Jack Soslow was an elite college football kicker


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Jack Soslow

Jack Soslow did not play football until his senior year in high school.

Episode Description

Jack Soslow did not play football until his senior year in high school. However his gifted leg strength earned him a spot on the UPENN's men's football team. The 2017 Ivy League place kicker went on to become a high scorer for Penn, and transition into something else he had a passion for... gaming. After a stint with Oculus Jack is now an investor at legendary venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. We chat deeply about two things that are second nature to Jack: Kicking game winning field goals and what the future of the gaming industry is going to look like in the next five years.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Intro

2:16 - Jack’s pregame speech

4:35 - Getting into football

7:57 - Forcing way onto Penn’s football team

11:14 - Being a kicker

20:10 - The gaming industry is HUGE

25:24 - The way games are made

31:10 - Investing in VR

37:02 - Getting into the gaming industry

42:02 - Gaming in the next 5 years

47:33 - Outro

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