Super Bowl XLV Champion Marshall Newhouse is set to make his free agency decision... in Venture Capital


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Marshall Newhouse

Super Bowl XLV Champion Marshall Newhouse had a 10 year NFL career he will never forget.

Episode Description

Super Bowl XLV Champion Marshall Newhouse had a 10 year NFL career he will never forget. While it was not easy memorizing more than 8 playbooks, it certainly came in handy in 2017 when Marshall was playing for the Las Vegas Raiders (then in Oakland). During that time, Marshall lived in San Francisco, and absorbed quickly the investing dynamics of Silicon Valley. Marshall has been angel investing since and is currently getting his executive MBA at Texas Christian University - M.J. Neeley School of Business. We chat about Marshall's journey in Venture Capital and the big free agency decision that lies ahead. While it's not a zero sum game, which VC firm will get to snag Marshall?!

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

2:40- The journey of getting into early stage tech investing

5:17- Living in San Francisco in 2017

7:46- Not franchising?

11:28- How Marshall's VC perspective has evolved since 2017

15:45- Football helps with due diligence

21:30- Marshall's weighing the VC options

26:12- Outro

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