NFL Pro Bowler Justin Forsett is OBSESSED with the customer


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Justin Forsett

Justin Forsett is a former NFL Running Back turned seasoned entrepreneur thriving in the hygiene product space.

Episode Description

Justin Forsett was a 9 year NFL Running Back who earned a 2014 Pro Bowl appearance with the Baltimore Ravens. In year 3 of his playing career Justin founded Hustle Clean (formerly Shower Pill), a body wipe for athletes post-workout. After years of hard work, a Shark Tank ABC appearance, and pivoting, Hustle Clean has grown tremendously. We chat about starting a company while young in his playing career, proper marketing in the CPG space, as well as the importance of constantly talking to customers as a founder. You can find the various hygiene products online as well as your local Target.Check out https://hustleclean.com/

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Justin Forsett To The Show! Like & Subscribe

1:00 - Marshawn Lynch Driving The Injury Cart On The Field At Cal

3:00 - Getting Started With First Products

6:15 - Getting Feedback, Figuring Out Materials & Pricing

9:00 - Finding Product Market Fit As A Pro Athlete - He Could Talk Directly To Athletes To Get Feedback

10:25 - Shark Tank Appearance - The Best Marketing Platform

11:20 - Social Media & Influencer Marketing

13:30 - Taking A Look At The Hustle Clean Product!

17:50 - Who Was The First Athlete To Try The Product & Give Feedback?

22:15 - Getting Accepted Into Target! Justin Was As Emotional As Draft Day

25:00 - Advice To Founders

27:00 - Entrepreneurship Takes A Toll On You - Engineering A Balanced Life

29:45 - Thanks For Joining Us Justin! Like & Subscribe!

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