Powerful Newsletter Grow Tips with ex-Pro Basketball Player Malcolm Lemmons


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Malcolms Lemmons

One of the top newsletter writers happens to be a professional basketball player

Episode Description

If you’re reading this, you probably thought about starting your own email list/newsletter. It’s clearly one of the most popular mediums of audience building and monetization. So we brought in an expert, who also happened to play professional basketball .Malcolm Lemmons has always had an interest in writing. After being in tech for a couple of years, Malcolm started writing sports business articles for Boardroom, and later started his own newsletter Vetted Sports (fka The Hype Report). Malcolm has scaled his newsletter to thousands of subscribers, with the topic of discussions around sports, tech, and media. One thing is for sure-- Malcolm has wisdom that applies to whatever you’re writing about.Disclaimer: Athletes and Assets, Inc. accepts no liability for the content of this video, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. Please invest responsibly and consult a financial advisor before making investing related decisions.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Malcolm Lemmons To The Show!

1:00 - DC Slang

2:30 - Has Malcolm Always Been A Writer?

5:00 - Best Books To Read

7:30 - Making Writing A Full Time Profession

9:45 - Newsletter Is The Best Platform To Build, Here's Why

12:30 - Newsletter 101 - How To Build A Newsletter (Cadence, Aesthetics, Word Length)

19:20 - Distribution Through Social Media

22:45 - Subscriber Growth - Quality vs. Quality

26:00 - Monetizing

30:30 - Future Of Vetted Sports

31:30 - Thanks Malcolm For Joining The Show! Like & Subscribe!

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