Is Brevin Galloway the king of NIL?


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Brevin Galloway

Brevin Galloway is the King of NIL.

Episode Description

Brevin Galloway is the King of NIL. The Clemson senior had a strong finish to his collegiate career, however one could argue off the court is where he’s made the biggest splash. After a viral health incident, combined with Brevin’s skill of content creation, over 20 NIL deals with brands such as Dave and Buster’s, Mercedes, and Crocs have partnered with the future professional basketball player as a brand ambassador. We chat about leaning into content to maximize opportunity, how to navigate off the court opportunities while staying focused on the court, and even chat about the philanthropic work Brevin has done with animals.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

1:30- Going Viral- The Family Jewels Incident

4:45- Brevin’s content

6:45- Partnering with Dave and Buster’s, Mercedes, Crocs

10:15- Laying the foundation for next career

12:20- Making a brand outlasts basketball

14:20- Content increasing the desire for more on court success

16:52- Healing Species Animal Shelter: Mission, Alignment

21:00- Brevin’s Playlist

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