Reliving the Gamestop Saga with Colts Linebacker Segun Olubi


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Segun Olubi

Segun chats about what he's investing in off the field

Episode Description

The message of the day: Don’t splurge until "the money has kids"….Colts Linebacker Segun Olubi just finished up a successful year 1 in the NFL. But Segun has some interesting tales to tell off the field. We chat about his war stories in the stock market, how he vets deal flow with his financial advisor, why people should buy stock in Indianapolis and more. Safe to say Colts fans witness a fan favorite right before our eyes.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Segun Olubi to Athletes & Assets

1:00 - Stocks Según Is Interested In Now

3:20 - Trading On Robinhood In The Offseason

5:10 - Lessons From Day Trading

9:40 - Teammates That Segun Admires

11:20 - Luxury Buys For Segun

14:40 - Put Some Respect On Indy!

19:20 - Segun’s Portfolio Percentages

20:30 - Investing In Indy Real Estate

24:30 - Getting Into VC

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