Andrew Petcash breaks down The Petcash Post, the Air App, and how Web3 will change the sports landscape forever


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Andrew Petcash

Andrew Petcash is the definition of a self-starter.

Episode Description

Andrew Petcash is the definition of a self-starter. After playing for the Boston University Men’s Basketball team, Andrew decided he wanted to start a newsletter highlighting various aspects of sports, business, NIL, and marketing. Just under a year later, Andrew’s newsletter “The Petcash Post” has over 23k subscribers, who receive written articles from Andrew three times a week, along with a short podcast on Sundays. At 23 years old, Andrew is also the head of product at the Air App; think social like LinkedIn meets a dating app where both a potential college athlete and coach can swipe left or right on each other to indicate their interest. Andrew manages an increasingly growing team on one of the hottest new sports apps on the market. We break down the Air App, how to capitalize on NIL, and how Web3 will change how we interact with sports. For my Web3 skeptics, as well as current athletes who want to take advantage of building their platform… class is in session.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

3:33- How Andrew would maximize NIL

10:41- Utilizing Twitter as an asset

14:50- Notable articles written by Andrew

17:30- How Web3 and sports have/will interact with each other

24:25- Breaking down the Air App

31:00- Andrew's playlist

33:25- Outro

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