Sam Acho reflects on his NFL journey and battling Stephen A. Smith


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Sam Acho

Sam Acho was a 9-year NFL veteran, a Vice President of the of the NFL Players Association,

Episode Description

Sam Acho was a 9-year NFL veteran, a Vice President of the of the NFL Players Association, an author, and currently an ESPN sports analyst. The University of Texas alum had a successful NFL career, but little did he know his childhood arguments with younger brother Emmanuel Acho would prepare them for sports TV stardom. Sam appears regularly on Get Up, First Take, and plethora of ESPN-related programs. We chat about the preparation that goes in being a sports analyst, handling going viral with every take, as well as how faith guides Sam in business.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

2:30- Arguments with Emmanuel

4:15- The preparation into going shows

6:35- Preparing to go viral with every take

10:30- Having an “architect” and “dark hour” friends

15:20- Let the world see you

17:25- Sam’s lowest point: Receiving his biggest contract $

20:03- Faith and business

21:55- Outro

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