Sheldon Day and Amir Carlisle talk about financial lessons learned in the NFL, The Players Company, and the genesis of Bank DAO


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Sheldon Day

Sheldon Day is not your typical NFL Player.

Episode Description

Sheldon Day is not your typical NFL Player. When he is not sacking NFL Quarterbacks, the 6 year NFL defensive tackle is probably in a meeting with his business partner and former Notre Dame standout wide receiver/teammate, Amir Carlisle, on the next big investment. Both Sheldon, Amir, along with Richard Sherman run The Players Company, which leverages the collective influence and purchasing power of professional athletes for access to business development, financial education and investment opportunities. In addition to investing, Amir is taking point on running Bank DAO, a Web3 vehicle of TPC that is striving to build financial literacy and opportunity amongst a growing community through a shared bank account. We chat about financial lessons learned in the NFL, the TPC, and why Bank DAO is the future of finance for many involved.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

4:05- Managing investments through an NFL season

7:40- Positive influences like Kelvin Beachum that exposed Shel and Amir to business

10:50- The formation of The Player's Company

19:50- Bank DAO explained- formation, goals

29:38- Shel and Amir's Playlist

31:00- Outro

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