Luxury Real Estate Investing Tips From Ex-G League Guard Terry Harris


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Terry Harris

Luxury Real Estate Tips From Professional Basketball Player Terry Harris

Episode Description

Terry Harris is a former professional basketball player who’s spent the bulk of his playing career with the Delaware Blue Coats in the NBA G-League. Once Terry realized he was making more money from residential real estate investments than his G-League salary, he quickly made the shift to being full time on property development. Terry is now the Founder of Visionary Development Group, a private investment and management firm in the Greater Los Angeles Area. We break down some of the keys to Terry’s success such as value engineering, valuation, the lifecycle of a project, and more!

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Terry Harris To The Show! Like & Subscribe!

1:15 - Terry's Insane Homes In Joshua Tree - How Did He Land There?

3:45 - Only Making $35k Playing In The G League!

5:30 - Where Is Terry Interested In Developing?

7:45 - Terry's Real Estate Fund - Luxury Builds In Joshua Tree, Affordable Housing In LA

13:15 - What Does Terry Wish He Knew Earlier?

17:30 - Helping Other NBA Players Getting Into Real Estate Development

20:30 - Having Control Of Your Destiny

22:15 - Will More NBA Players Skip The G League Or Start Side Hustles?

26:30 - Lifecycle Of A Project - What Does It Take To Build A Multi-Family Unit?

28:30 - Value Engineering - You Need To Know This!

31:30 - Coolest Things Terry Has Put In A House

34:40 - Thank Terry Harris For Joining! Like & Subscribe!

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