These Small Businesses Are Raking in CASH w/ NFL QB Jeff Driskel


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Jeff Driskel

We chat about ETA (Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition), what Jeff looks for in a small business, and what the process looks like end to end.

Episode Description

Central Florida has a new scout that looking to acquire small cash flowing businesses in the region. He also happens to have a cannon for an arm and that’s NFL Quarterback Jeff Driskel. When he’s not throwing TDs, he’s running 4 pillars group, a holdings company looking to perform ETA (Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition). We chat about ETA, what Jeff looks for in a small business, and what the process looks like end to end.

Episode Breakdown

- Welcome Jeff Driskel To The Show!

1:00 - Jeff's First Touchdown Was Thrown Into The Stands! Did He Ever Get It Back?

4:45 - Why Small Business Acquisition?

8:50 - What Are The 4 Pillars To Jeff's Company?

11:00 - What Is Jeff Interested In Currently? Which Businesses Are They Scouting?

14:45 - What Happens After Acquiring A Business?

19:00 - Competition In The Space

25:30 - Most Unassuming Business That Is Crushing It

29:00 - Timing The Market When Purchasing

31:20 - Walkthrough Of The First Business Acquisition Last Year By Jeff

33:15 - Balancing Playing In The NFL & Running The Business

35:25 - What's Next For Jeff - Why A Business Should Choose 4 Pillars?

37:30 - Thanks For Watching! Like & Subscribe!

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