Why Nick Saban Could Take Over Silicon Valley


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Noah Lack

If Nick Saban wanted to he could be a formidable investor in Silicon Valley from Day 1. Here's why...

Episode Description

With Hall of Fame coaches such as Nick Saban retiring, it had us thinking… could coaches transition into a completely different space and be as dominant as they were in their sport? We think YES. Silicon Valley is a place ripe for disruption, and that is why with the combination of what Nick Saban brings to the table combined with the nature of Venture Capital, Coach Saban would be a Tier 1 VC from Day 1. He may never care to write a check towards a startup in his life, but if he decides to write them consistently, watch out.

Episode Breakdown

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2:30 - Nick Saban Could Take Over Silicon Valley Tomorrow

3:20 - Saban's Incredible Stats - How He Grew Alabama's Football Program

8:00 - Saban Could Turn Around Silicon Valley

11:00 - Every Top VC Firm Would Welcome Saban

12:30 - Saban Would Push Any Firm To New Heights

14:15 - He Can Recruit Anyone

20:25 - Saban Knows More About Tech Than You Might Think

24:00 - If He Brings That Winning Energy To VC - He Can Defeat Anyone

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