LaVonne Idlette, Oly, MBA, JD, reflects on Olympic hurdling career, chats 1st Class Group & advising professional athletes on real estate investments


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LaVonne Idlette

LaVonne Idlette, Oly, MBA, JD is an all around superstar.

Episode Description

LaVonne Idlette, Oly, MBA, JD is an all around superstar. She ran 100 meter hurdles at the highest level with a 2014 1st place finish at the Ibero-American Championships, 3 World Championship appearances, and even a 2012 appearance at the London Olympics representing the Dominican Republic. In addition, LaVonne was the star of the show in The Amazing Race in 2020. But as she will tell you, LaVonne is “a nerd who happens to be fast”. With a Bachelor's from Hampton, an MBA in hand from Nova Southeastern University, and a J.D. from Florida A&M University Law, LaVonne is a lawyer by training who specializes in Real Estate and Business acquisitions, advising top professional athletes on their respective portfolios. As a licensed broker and consultant, she has advised and collaborated on over $4 billion in real estate transactions in her 13 year real estate career. We reflect on her track career, talk about the transition to managing the prominent 1st Class Group, as well as break down the philanthropic dilemmas professional athletes go through. It was an honor getting to chat with LaVonne, and trust me when I say... there's not a dull moment in our conversation!

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

Track Career

3:12- Reflection of Olympics, track career

6:40- Track athletes in business

9:53- Meeting Chris Paul, Kevin Durant

1st Class Group

13:30- Getting introduced to Real Estate at young age

15:50- Getting a law degree- the process

17:38- Amazing Race

19:50- Educating athletes on Real Estate

21:10- Reddish Bull Finance

24:45- Key investment advice

28:52- The philanthropic dilemma of an athlete

32:39- LaVonne's Playlist

33:48- Outro

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