"Cargo Culting" and why athletes should avoid it at all costs


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A common act that happens especially in business, particularly startups is "Cargo Culting".

Episode Description

A common act that happens especially in business, particularly startups is "Cargo Culting". By definition Cargo Culting is an approach that copies an existing "successful" approach without properly analyzing and understanding it. Athletes do this in many different ways, and get screwed as a result. Amobi Okugo, Former MLS Professional and Founder Of A Frugal Athlete joins Noah a guest co-host to break down threads vs. twitter, examples of Cargo Culting, and how athletes must avoid it at all costs.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

1:03- Twitter or Threads?

4:41- What we want to see in Threads

7:14- What is Cargo Culting?

8:40- Cargo Culting originated in World War 2

9:44- Cargo Culting with Athletes

13:58- How to avoid Cargo Culting

16:36- Stay off IG Live!!

21:00- Vet Opportunity like how teams vet players

22:20- Outro

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