Financial Spending and 401k tips with Chicago Bears Running Back Khari Blasingame


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Khari Blasingame

Financial Spending and 401k tips

Episode Description

Khari Blasingame is a Fullback for the Chicago Bears who just finished year 5. In the Offseason, Khari transforms into a financial guru, not only giving teammates advice but running his own platform, Business of Athletes, which aims to preach better financial spending habits. We chat about what teammates may overspend on, putting more of your salary into your 401k, and share our Super Bowl 58 predictions!

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Khari To The Show!

1:30 - Who Will Win The Super Bowl?? Chiefs or 49ers?

3:00 - Khari's Business Offseason Before Returning To The Bears

5:00 - Helping His Teammates Learn About Finance

6:50 - The Biggest Mistakes Khari Sees Athletes Make With Their Finances

11:30 - Khari's DoorDash Problem

12:30 - Being A Financial Mentor In The Locker Room

17:45 - Khari's Stock Portfolio

20:15 - Real Estate Ventures - Single Family Properties

23:15 - Athletes Who Ruin Their Reputation

24:30 - Becoming A Financial Adviser After The NFL

29:30 - Thanks For Coming On The Show!

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