Clifford Taylor IV goes from Florida Football, to social media content creation for the NBA


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Clifford Tarylor IV

Let's be honest, you're probably on social media these days as much as you're productive at your day job.

Episode Description

Let's be honest, you're probably on social media these days as much as you're productive at your day job. It just consumes our lives. Well if you're as creative and talented as Clifford Taylor IV, social media pays the bills. After playing basketball, but having zero football experience, Clifford walked-on as a tight end for the University of Florida's Football team. He leveraged his newfound platform at Florida to make funny Tik-Toks about football culture and real life situations.  He quickly went viral, signed with Micheal Raymond of Raymond Representation, has experience helping the Los Angeles Rams with social media, and now does social content for the NBA. Not a bad ascension.

Clifford chats about how much your average social content creator might make, his creative process, and the dynamics of making content for the masses. This could not be more relevant for anyone looking to turn their online obsession into a career.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

3:10- Getting started with Tik-Tok

7:25- Planning to make a video

9:48- Salary range of Social Media Managers

11:10- Experience with the Los Angeles Rams

15:30- Social Content for the NBA

22:00- Finding the appropriate lane on social media

24:20- Cliff's Playlist

26:00- Outro

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