Digital Growth Advice from Ex-YouTube Star Turned MMA Fighter Labib Yasir


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Labib Yasir

Labib chats about how MMA influenced him as a seasoned entrepreneur and marketer.

Episode Description

Labib Yasir is a former YouTube star and MMA Fighter who is now building fitness technology for 250,000+ users and counting. Labib is the co-founder/CEO of Kayyo, the AI MMA Trainer in your pocket. With Kayyo you can track workouts and get real time feedback from AI powered fighting trainers, one of the first of its kind. We chat about the entrepreneurial journey, the future of fitness technology, social media, and digital marketing advice.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Labib Yasir To The Show! Like & Subcribe

1:20 - Noah Gives Kayyo A Try LOL

4:15 - Kayyo Explained - Why A.I. MMA Training??

7:00 - Labib's Fighting Style9:20 - Competitive Advantage - Building A Product For Something Labib Did Professionally

12:20 - Network Effects Of Growing A Massive App

14:45 - Labib Did Not Come From An Engineer Background - How Did He Do It?

19:00 - Building An All Star Team

21:15 - Yabib's Past As A Youtube Star - How He Used Those Lessons To Build Kayyo

25:20 - The Importance Of Branding

28:00 - Building Social Media

30:30 - The Banddemic

32:00 - The Future Of Kayyo

36:00 - Thanks For Joining Labib! Like & Subscribe!

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