The King of Lubbock | Jarrett Culver


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Jarrett Culver

NBA Free Agent Jarrett Culver chats about Lubbock Real Estate

Episode Description

National Basketball Association (NBA) free agent and Texas Tech University alum Jarrett Culver is currently back home in Lubbock, TX training for next season. Lubbock is not only is Jarrett's hometown but he knows the area inside and out since his brother Trey Culver is a real estate agent for The Milestone Realty Group.Jarrett chats about co-investing in projects with his brother, his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves/Atlanta Hawks, Panhandle Real Estate, and more!

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Jarrett To Athletes & Assets!

1:30 - Playing On The Timberwolves With Anthony Edwards

4:00 - Timberwolves Series Prediction

5:25 - Learning Business From Any Edwards?

6:45 - Real Estate - Jarrett Working With His Brother In Lubbock

8:30 - Why Lubbock, Texas Real Estate Is Growing

14:30 - The Richest Guys In Lubbock

16:30 - 5 Hour Drive To Dallas To Fly?!

18:55 - Best Place To Live In Lubbock, Texas

20:30 - Jarrett's Thoughts On Other Cities He Played In (Atlanta, Minnesota)

22:20 - Learning Business From Trae Young And Other NBA Vets

24:00 - Building In Lubbock

27:30 - Jarrett's Thoughts On The NIL

31:00 - Where To Go & Eat In Lubbock

32:00 - Jarrett's Goals For The NBA & Real Estate

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