MLB All-Star pitcher Trevor Rosenthal is looking to acquire a small business


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Trevor Rosenthal

Trevor is potentially looking to partner with a great entrepreneur in the health/recovery space

Episode Description

As MLB All-Star Pitcher Trevor Rosenthal rehabs his elbow, he’s beginning to explore what awaits him off the mound. While attending the crossover into business program at Harvard, curriculum around Entrepreneurship through Acquisition caught Trevor’s attention.  We chat about acquiring small businesses, and what Trevor is looking to potentially purchase next…If you are building something profitable in the health/wellness space and want to potentially partner with Trevor, please reach out!

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Trevor Rosenthal to the show! Like & Subscribe!

1:05 - Most Difficult Hitter Trevor Has Faced??

3:15 - Rehab And When Is Trevor Expected To Be Back in 2024?

5:30 - Where Trevor's Head Is At As Retirement Nears - What's Next??

8:00 - Trevor's Business Ventures

11:00 - Taking Harvard Business Classes - Interest In Acquiring Businesses

14:00 - Generating Business Leads - Gymnastic Gyms Are A Hidden Gem?

18:00 - Researching 1000-1500 Businesses Every Day?!

21:00 - Acquisition Requirements That Trevor Is Looking For

26:00 - Baseball Is A Huge Market To Serve

28:00 - Learning On The Job

29:30 - BIG IDEA - Trevor's New Twist On The Recovery Business

35:00 - Noah Gets Asked A Question! - Advice On Assembling A Team
41:30 - Thanks For Coming On The Pod Trevor! Like & Subscribe!
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