Nat Young chats about how surfers are making less money than ever


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Nat Young

If the popularity in surfing is surging, why is the prize money in competitions less than it was years ago?

Episode Description

Nat Young has been one of the best surfers in California for over a decade. The World Surf League professional and Santa Cruz, CA native has seen the highs and lows of the sport. While the surfing has been never been more popular, Nat points out that prize money has actually dropped in competitions. We chat about the changing economics, and how the top professionals have gotten creative with monetizing their careers.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Nat Young! Like & Subscribe!

1:00 - Secret Surf Spots, Biggest Waves

5:30 - Surfers Who Make $1 Million Per Year - Sufers Make Less Than Other Sports

9:00 - Prize Money In Surfing Is Lower - Why?

11:30 - Surfers Starting Companies, Investing

15:30 - New Era Of Surfing - Making More As A Content Creator

20:50 - How Are All The Best Content Editors In Hawaii?

25:15 - Getting Jobs Over Surfing - The Challenge Of Becoming Pro

28:45 - Nat's Real Estate Investments

32:20 - Helping Surfers Making More Money - Building Brands - How The Sport Can Grow

34:30 - Thank You Nat For Joining Us!

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