Nik Staukas Makes a Fortune In The Stock Market


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Nik Staukas

Nik Stauskas thought the NBA was only way he was going to make a living;

Episode Description

Nik Stauskas thought the NBA was only way he was going to make a living; until he found his love for the stock market. Nik checks his CNBC app every 40 minutes and at one point had $2-3 million (unrealized gains sitting in his portfolio. Hear Nik share his favorite stocks and what’s made him so successful watching wall street the past couple of years.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Intro - Welcome Nik Stauskas To The Show!

1:20 - Does Sauce Castillo Have A Trademark?! Sauce Controversy..

3:55 - Nik Put All Of His NBA Game Checks Into The Stock Market

8:00 - Nik Gets Put To The Test!! How Well Does He Know His Tickers??

14:30 - What Has Nick Learned From Investing In The Stock Market?

19:50 - Any Player In The League That Nik Could Talk Investing With?

21:45 - Crypto Insights??

25:00 - What Influences Nik’s Stock Picks?

26:45 - Bullish On Tesla!

27:40 - Stocks That Nik Paying Attention To?

30:40 - Where Should People Start?

32:30 - Nik Getting Into The Broadcasting Game - TV Aspirations

43:30 - Thanks For Joining Nik! See You Next Time On Athletes & Assets

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