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Noah and Charlie keep this episode internal as there were many topics we got to cover.

Episode Description

Noah and Charlie keep this episode internal as there were many topics we got to cover. From mixtape culture, to not taking advantage of the college network as an athlete, to why professional athletes in the Bay Area have an unfair business advantage over others, we offer thoughts on many important topics athletes deal with in business. Conclusion: playing against 7 footers was difficult, excelling at our jobs is doable.

Episode Breakdown

0:00- Intro

1:50- Some great guests have been on this podcast already

5:30- Mixtape culture

7:30- Athletes need to stop being “too cool”

11:10- The state of NIL

14:10 The advantages of a walk-on

16:25- Building your network as an athlete

20:30- Notable athletes who are making business moves

24:40- Noah’s journey/advice in business- What is your risk tolerance?

30:10- Know when you don’t know

31:12- Our NBA Mount Rushmore

34:00- Outro

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