Vasu Kulkarni is obsessed with basketball and shares valuable Venture Capital insights


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Vasu Kulkarni

Vasu Kulkarni is the self-proclaimed biggest pick-up hoops fans in the world.

Episode Description

Vasu Kulkarni is the self-proclaimed biggest pick-up hoops fans in the world. He eats, sleeps, breathes, basketball and will not move out of his NYC apartment because he’s 45 seconds near a pick up game at all times. He also happens to be the former founder and CEO of Krossover, a sports analytics SaaS company selling video and data tools to sports teams around the world. Vasu nows invests in early stage sports, gaming, and collectible technology companies at Courtside Ventures. Vasu and I chat about how basketball can be used to evaluate talent in start-ups, what areas he’s looking to invest in, and more.

Episode Breakdown

Episode Breakdown:

0:00- Intro

2:25- Vasu’s basketball obsession

5:40- Courtside Ventures and investing criteria

11:15- Evaluating startups like a starting 5 in basketball

13:58- Positive traits of founder’s with athletic backgrounds

16:40- Investing in Generative AI applications with sports, gaming

19:00- Why sports tech companies aren’t venture backable

22:07- Vasu’s playlist

24:07- Outro

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